Telephone Skills


Despite the rapid increase in e-mail and other methods of communication, the telephone still plays a massive role in the business environment, with many people preferring the instant two-way interactivity of a telephone conversation instead of having to wait for an e-mail reply, then responding to the issues raised in that, then waiting for the other person to reply with their issues etc. Because of this, having good telephone skills is still just as important as ever.

The telephone has a number of roles in business, depending on the department a person works in. Some people use the telephone as a medium for selling products to new and existing customers, or making appointments for other employees of the company to go in and pitch the company's products to a potential client. Whether cold calling or telephoning people who have already shown an interest, having good telephone selling skills will lead to an increase in sales and conversions.

Many customers also use the telephone to make a complaint if they are unhappy with your product or service. Just as it is important to try and win new customers, it is also vitally important to keep existing ones happy, and having telephone operatives who are trained to deal with often irate callers in a calm and professional manner is pivotal for this objective. A failure to deal effectively with telephone complaints will not only drive your existing customers away, but also give your company a bad reputation as they spread the word, making it difficult to attract new ones.

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