Presentation Skills


Presentations are a common occurrence in business life whether it be presenting new product ideas to management, briefing staff on the current status of sales, pitching your products to potential clients etc. Having good presentation skills is crucial for getting your point across and convincing your audience to your way of thinking.

The importance of making a good quality presentation to new potential customers cannot be overstated. Sales are the lifeblood of a commercial company, and a failure to attract new customers and orders will hurt revenue and profit, and maybe even threaten the very survival of the business. If your firm has been invited to make a presentation, it is likely that it is for a high-value order. Because of this, it is also highly likely that you are not the only firm competing for the order. Therefore it is vital that your presentation leave the potential buyer with a good overall impression. Struggling to find notes, lack of flow and cohesion in your points, poor layout, failure to speak clearly and confidently, all give off the impression of a lack of preparation which makes the potential customer think that you aren't fully committed to working with them. This makes you highly unlikely to beat off the competition to win the order.

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